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Estate Planning

J. Green Law Group is dedicated to help you navigate the complicated Estate Planning laws so you can plan for the future with ease. One area to devote your attention to is to secure a Living Trust. The primary benefit is that it allows for your property to be distributed upon death without going through probate. If the property passes from a will, it must be processed through the Courts and the probate process. This can take months, maybe even years. We can help make this process less complicated. Contact us to begin estate planning according to your unique needs; including Trusts, Wills, Health Care Directives and Durable Power of Attorney for Finances.

Domestic violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you cannot trust perpetrator threats that you’ll be left penniless, with no custody of the children, etc. These are the standard but baseless manipulations of those struggling to maintain power over you. With your phone call or email, attorneys and staff at the J. Green Law Group act immediately to: get you (and children if they’re involved) out of harm’s way, secure a temporary restraining order – often the same day, secure a permanent restraining order, reassure you about any fabricated domestic violence accusations or police reports, and handle a restraining order motion. If you’re not quite ready to request a restraining order, we talk with you about other options.

NOTE: For immediate help from the local authorities, call the San Diego County Domestic Violence 24-hour hotline 1-888-DVLINKS (385-4657)

alimony / spousal support

Knowing your financial rights and responsibilities before you file for divorce helps you move through the divorce process with more confidence and clarity. It can even help you determine the type of divorce you think you will pursue. Calculating an idea of what you’re entitled to and/or obligated for is a reasonable first step in the California divorce process.

As a San Diego family law firm practicing in both military and civilian courts for the past 15 years, founder Jim Green can help you determine ahead of time approximately what kind of spousal support or alimony you are obligated to pay or entitled to receive. We understand that your entire future is on the line in this very stressful life event. As an experienced divorce attorney who has completed hundreds of divorce and spousal support cases in both military and civilian courts, I will help you navigate the confusing requirements in an honest and competent manner.


As a dedicated divorce attorney in San Diego County, I’ve built a small firm focused on guiding you, step by step, through the choices with the most potential to empower your new life. I’ve shaped a firm dedicated to patient and thorough customer service and high quality work. I know too well how those going through divorce are waiting by the phone for a call from their attorney about extremely sensitive issues like child custody, child support, domestic violence issues, and martial settlement agreements. When clients receive frequent, attentive contact, they are better able, not only to get divorce tasks done, but to carry out their work and child rearing responsibilities. I make sure that my clients are constantly updated on the progress in their cases so they can get through this difficult time with grace AND get every bit of the custody, agreements and assets you deserve in the eyes of the California family court system.

military law

As a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps as well as a civilian attorney, I have handled hundreds of family law matters for those in the U.S. Armed Forces. If yours is a military family, I can help you navigate the military regulations and requirements pertaining to separation, divorce, etc as well as the civilian laws. While issues like military housing, pay and criminal charges completely overwhelm you now, rest assured that the clear laws in both military and civilian courts protect and support you and your children. I have worked through the intricacies of hundreds of these cases and can explore your options with you thoroughly.

marital settlement agreements

The marital settlement agreement is part of the overall divorce judgment submitted to the court. Both military service members and civilians can prevent future alimony and custody motions with a marital settlement agreement. At the J Green Law Group, we help you keep divorce costs down by drafting, revising and submitting the marital agreement settlement. Rest assured that I know every inch of California Family law and military law and will fight for you to protect you the minute I take your case.

Child custody

With 15 years as a San Diego family attorney for both military and civilian couples, I’ve learned to create sophisticated strategies beyond typical child support calculations.  I share the best strategies so that you receive the support you’re due. We negotiate hard for which items to include in an individual’s income, expenses and time with the children, thus keeping some items from the Dissomaster while emphasizing others. Without an attorney, you may be missing out on funds like bonuses, commissions, overtime work, income from investments and more.

A parent of three children myself, I work hard to make sure the children not simply survive, but thrive. More, I have the right priorities when fighting for a child support order. Since the judge’s prime directive is to keep the child safe and protected, I make sure to present a case so that he or she views requests as in keeping with that priority. I also know the intricacies of the law the opposing party may exploit to shirk his or duty but really puts a child at risk. I waste no time pointing out these manipulations to the court.


If you thought you’d never be involved in something so dramatic as a suit, you are not alone. Paternity suits most often arise when parents of a child are unmarried, an increasingly American phenomenon. Children are born to unmarried parents every day, and while everyone strives to support a new baby, emotional and financial issues can get in the way. As a San Diego family attorney for 15 years, I’ve learned how to structure paternity cases so that clients and children are protected and supported to the full extent of California law.

security clearance

Where other security clearance attorneys in San Diego may warn you about the difficulty of appealing a denial, we have had years of success overturning them and qualifying you for the position you need. We start by requesting a “Statement of Reasons for Denial” from the National Security Agency. With the clear rationale for denial in front of us, we build a case that the “reason” is insufficient or that mitigating circumstances exist.

As a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps, J. Green Law Group founder, Jim Green, began focusing on security clearance issues early in his career. With 15 years experience in this field, he’s now regarded by his peers as one of the top security clearance advocates in the United States. Jim has developed sophisticated strategies to appeal security clearance denials.

Pre & Post nuptial agreements

San Diego couples often regard the prenuptial agreement as the first step in planning for a financially responsible future. Items covered in the prenuptial agreement include: ownership and rights to a life insurance policy death benefit, estate planning, disposition of property in the event of death, divorce or legal separation, the right to control property and spousal support. Raising and resolving these issues before the marriage help couples understand expectations and prepare for their lives together. As a financial guidepost, the prenuptial agreement acts as a proactive method of taking care of each other and the marriage. 

Because of existence of family property held for generations, extended family often gets involved in prenuptial and postnuptial negotiations. I work hard with tact and sensitivity, to preserve relationships AND assets between you, your bride, groom, parents and more. I synthesize knowledge from related areas to strengthen your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement and ensure every aspect is explored and covered.